Basic investigation of plasma glow discharge phenomena with modifiedbreakdown condition using aluminum and graphite disc electrodes

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1 Accelerators & Ion Sources Department, Basic Nuclear Science Division, Nuclear Research Center, Atomic Energy Authority, P.N.13759 Cairo, Egypt.

2 North Carolina State University, College of Engineering, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Raleigh NC 27695, USA.


Experimentally, we study the effect of work function anode - cathode materials and their surface area on direct current glow discharge.Also, this effecthas been investigated using SRIM code. The different diameters for parallel discs anode - cathode and their materials at different atmospheric pressures were determined. Here, the six gas discharge cases of 7.5cm and 9.5cm anode - cathode electrodes diameters from aluminum and graphite have been investigated. Then, Paschen curve and the voltage - current characteristics were determined.