Solar Power Tower Systems and Their Potential Use in Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


1 PhD student, Dept. of Mech. Power, MTC, Cairo, Egypt.

2 Professor Dr. Eng, Dept. of Renewable energy, Faculty of energy Engineering, Aswan University.

3 Dr. Eng., Dept. of Mech. Power, MTC, Cairo, Egypt.


The aim of this Paper is to carry out an analytical and experimental study of a solar power tower plant in the Egyptian environment in order to study the technical and economic feasibility of this kind of power generation. In this way, a parametric study of such plant is carried out in a comparative way with an already existing commercial power plant, PS 10 in Spain, to investigate performance of such kind of plants in the Egyptian environment. The site of Aswan has been chosen to simulate the proposed plant. However, a site in Helwan is used to carry out the experimental work that verifies the selected solar data in Egypt. As a conclusion from the analytic parametric study, the energy-exergy analysis, the experimental work; it is found that it is very feasible, technically and economically, to use solar power tower plant as the most suitable CSP technology in Egypt. The found analytical and experimental results in this thesis can be used as a guide and a reference for planning a solar tower power plant to be installed in Egypt in future. This includes the site selection, design parameters and procedures, heliostat field distribution, tower height, the components to be locally manufactured, required performance, the suitable output power and the levelized energy cost.