Experimental investigation of vircator by DC discharge

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1 Msc., E.A.F. (M.T.C.) Cairo.

2 Prof., E.A.F. (M.T.C.) Cairo.

3 Prof., Head of Physics and Mathematics Department, Faculty of Engineering Zagazig University.

4 Professor, Plasma Physics Department, Atomic Energy Authority, Cairo.


A vircator powered by DC power supply has been designed , operated and tested. The discharge is
between mesh anode and disc cathode. It has been found that the discharge is in the up-normal glow
discharge and also follows Child law. Experimental studies showed that the optimum spacing between the
mesh anode and disc cathode is 3.5 mm at the adopted spectrum. The discharge current variation with the
spacing between electrodes has a peak value of 20 mA at 3.5 mm for the same applied voltage and gas
pressure. Several microwave frequencies radiated from the system have been observed. The radiated
power for the different frequencies has a peak value at nitrogen gas pressure of 0. 7 Torr and 3.5 mm
electrodes spacing.