Mathematical Model for UGV Transparency Using Laser Range Finder

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Military Technical College.


For extending human capabilities to perform tasks remotely, unmanned vehicles and robots are used,this scenario is called Teleoperation. In teleoperation, human executes tasks in a remote environment. There are many applications of vehicle teleoperation in hazardous environment, military, underwater, and space exploration. Operating a vehicle or a system remotely requires supplyingthe operator in real-time with an accurate data about the operation environment. This operation is subjected to data transmission time-delay, sensors fusion and stability problems.This paper proposes a mathematical model for the time-delay compensation algorithm to achieve transparency in teleoperation using Laser scanner data. The proposed model for compensation depends on predicting the vehicle position in the future time and the environment of operation is available for the operator with respect to this predicted position. Using this algorithm in compensating time-delay in data transmission achieving transparency. Simulation and real experiments are shown to validate the proposed model.